Design that Matters Visual Rebrand

Upgrade brand communication strategy through graphic and web design

Company: Design that Matters

Project Outcome: Uniform and recognizable brand elements implemented across online presence, educational materials and fundraising collateral. Expanded story-telling capabilities to include video and print media.

Team: Malory Johnson

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New Brand Elements

Color: Navy was added to the the existing color scheme of orange and yellow. As a background, the navy sets the mood and character of the warmer colors. It also expands brand recognizably to elements beyond the logo.


Flat graphic data visualization: all graphs previously done through PowerPoint were formatted into a template consistent with the new brand language. 


Website Redesign




Home Page


Before 2015

old home.JPG

New design

new home.JPG



old blog.JPG
new blog.JPG


Donate Page

old donate 2.JPG
new donate.JPG


Photo Bank

I dug through over 10 years of the company's photo archive, identified and edited the best storytelling images, and organized them into a system that's easy to navigate.

I love finding these descriptive photos of families in every culture. They show the universal expressions of joy, sleepiness and excited confusion of being a new parent.



In the span of 2 weeks, I learned After effects and Audacity to create the first video for our Intellectual Generosity initiative: Hack your Studio: How to Build a Z-rack Whiteboard. Once we felt confident about video as a medium for communication, I created the second one about our progress with the Otter newborn warmer as an on-boarding tool for DtM's current and prospective donors and volunteers. 


Sample Fundraising Collateral

Poster presented at MIT's Rethinking Global Health Conference in 2016


Select pages from the 2016 Annual report.
Content written by Tim Prestero and Kelly Murphy, formatted by Malory Johnson.


New logo?

In September, I initiated a project to work with the Advertising and Graphic Design department at CCAD to redesign the company's logo. 

A stellar team of 3 designers is currently working to understand DtM's brand and will be designing through the coming months. 

Logo Team: Kevin Butler, Elizabeth Cansfield, Katie Schwenderman