Technical skills - example set

Quick ideation sketching

Mix of pen and digital sketches. Concept iterations of (left) Sitrana Chilean shoe design and (right) prairie tent structure study for NOLS education redesign. Full project here


Concept presentation sketches

Digital drawing using Adobe Photoshop and Sketchbook pro. (left) A children's neck pillow, (middle) final Sitrana Chilean shoe design, and (right) Airstream concept interior.  

_digital drawing.jpg

3D printing

Examples from the Otter newborn warmer project, we used a 3D printer to prototype electronic housings. Finished using Bondo, filler primer, and a matte enamel paint which simulates the look of a plastic injection molded part. Later packed with electronics.

_3D printing.jpg

Soft Goods

Many project, including (left) a self-drafted waterproof charging camera case, (right) Dyneema travel bags for a successful Kickstarter campaign with Design that Matters, and (below) a tent designed for prairie backpackers.

_Soft Goods.jpg
_Soft Goods 2.jpg

CNC to ThermoFormer

For the Otter newborn warmer project, we used a CNC to build a vacuum forming tool to prototype Otter's clear polycarbonate bassinet. 

_ CNC Vacuum forming.jpg

Wood Shop

Process and final photos of Airstream interior design. Project here. Full trailer furnishings were made with a team of 12 people. My contribution focused on the desk area pictured below. 

_wood shop.jpg

Package design

Concept packaging for JLAB's  wooden earbuds. Made using a laser cutter, PVC sheet, matte photo paper and a very sharp Xacto knife.

_Package design.jpg

A little Tailoring as well

Because of my interest in soft goods, I took many classes in the fashion design department during college. These are two pieces from a 2014 fashion collection. Each piece was designed, drafted, fitted and sewn by me. Full collection here.

_Fashion Design.jpg