Escort Radar Detectors

User and industry trend research to guide Escort towards the millennial market

Company: Escort Radar Detectors

Project Outcome: A thorough, well supported document outlining easily implementable opportunities for Escort to begin the transition to attract a younger market and thrive in the future of autonomous vehicles.

Team: 15 Design Researchers

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Two research questions: 

Why aren't millennials interested in radar detectors?

What can escort do to reach them? 

We began by pursuing 4 research methods to answer these questions. First, understanding how fresh eyes react to un-boxing radar detectors, from both Escort and select competitors. Second, an in-depth look at Auto Industry trends including autonomy, home connectivity integration and alternative ownership models. Third, collecting and reviewing hours of driving video in efforts to understand the subtitles of millennial driving habits. Lastly, surveying millennials about their preferred interaction with transportation. 

We presented Escort with a document of 9 scenarios, each containing a plan for the market and technology available both now and 5 years in the future. 


All scenario's were built around two main insights:

  1. Escort should move away from ticket avoidance and move towards hassle avoidance
  2. Escort should shift their primary products from hardware to integrated software