Freelancing on Fiverr

Just launched my shop on Fiverr offering product design and FabLab related design work! I'm still available for larger contact design work (email me through the contact page) but for a small laser cutting project or product visualization, check out my Fiverr store! I just might be able to help!

I have worked with Laser Cutters for 5+ years making everything from branded refrigerator magnets to a life-sized cardboard geodesic dome! I will design your idea, (where necessary) and prepare the file for laser cutting. 

Your order will include:

  • source Illustrator file .AI
  • exported .PDF
  • design services
  • Laser cutter setting recommendations


I am a professional product designer with 5+ years of experience in the industry. I will use a combination of rendering software and Photoshop to ensure that your product is presented in the best, most flattering light. 

  1. Basic: I will create a beautiful render of a 3D model that you give me
  2. Standard: I will create a CAD model of your simple or small product and create a beautiful render.
  3.  Premium: 

    I will create a CAD model of your more complex product and create a beautiful render.

Thanks for stopping by! I have worked in FabLabs for over 4 years teaching people how to use equipment like a laser cutter. Here on Fiverr, I'm offering an hour of my dedicated time to work with you on your Laser Cutting project! 

Basic package includes:

  1. 1 hour Skype session (or video conference of your choice.) I can answer questions, go over safety procedures, coach you through a project, etc! 
  2. A write up of the key points and advice from the session.