Airstream, Live/Work Concept trailer

Interior design and fabrication of a new Airstream travel trailer

Company: Airstream

Project Outcome: A fully functional Airstream trailer optimized for the traveling professional by successfully balancing living and working spaces. This design will be on the market in the next year.

Desk Design Team: Malory Johnson, Nate Welton, Oscar Garcia, Marcus Hamilton
Full Team: 14 designers. 

Airstream pilot sketch.jpg



We decided to pursue designing a trailer that would accommodate a traveling professional.
Our challenge was to gracefully add an office to the already compacted living quarters.

Objective: Design an Airstream trailer that will bring a new, younger market into Airstream's already strong consumer landscape. 


We began by building a full scale cardboard mock up to experience the interior size. This was a vital step to understanding the livability of such a condensed space, and the implications of taking an inch from the bathroom to add a pantry. 

Team testing out life size kitchen tables. How small of a table still feels comfortable and fits a dinner spread?

Team testing out life size kitchen tables. How small of a table still feels comfortable and fits a dinner spread?

Workspace Sketch copy.jpg

Desk Team

The desk team talked with professionals who work from home to understand what's important for in a home-office space. We learned that the healthiest way to work and live in a small space is to design each space to feel completely different from each other

The desk is positioned directly below the panoramic windows. The Professional, when working, faces away from the living space and sees directly out of the windows (which are tinted to avoid back-lighting computer monitors.)

The furniture in the office space is subtly different in materials and form to further mentally separate it from the trailer. 



Airstream supplied an empty aluminum trailer that we filled with our designs. All furniture was custom built by the team over the course of one sleepless month. 

We used a neutral material theme of wood laminate and white acrylic surface to be compatible with many different bold accent colors. 


Fully Functioning Prototype


The Pursuit

Airstream was very happy with the resulting final trailer and are currently working to bring the design to market. The trailer, named "The Pursuit" is currently traveling nationwide by CCAD as a recruitment tool.